Live Q&A With The Founders (NYC)

Live Q&A With The Founders (NYC)


Next Date: Saturday, August 4th @ 12pm in Manhattan

An intimate two-hour talk + group Q&A session with creative entrepreneurs and CRWNMAG founders, Lindsey Day & Nkrumah Farrar. Hear about their journey in entrepreneurship and gain insights on the strategies used to launch a print magazine in the digital age.

Seats are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Located in Chelsea, Manhattan — exact address will be sent within 24 hours of reserving your seat.

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This session is great for you if

  • You have an idea for a business but aren't sure where to start.
  • You have a side hustle and you want to quit your day-job.
  • You have a successful business but you are struggling to scale.

We have a lot to say about

  • Brand Building
  • Digital Marketing
  • Running a lean startup
  • Monetization
  • Design thinking
  • Personal Brand


I feel like even someone who is seasoned could benefit because I left with new information and things that I may not have even considered before meeting you. Sometimes I personally get stuck and look at things through tunnel vision, and this opened a new perspective with fresh eyes and voices. — Stephanie
From the moment Lindsey and Nkrumah greet you, you know you're in the presence of good people who want to honestly help you in mind, spirit and business. The intimacy of the discussion is a bonus and allows for honest conversation with tailored feedback and priceless nuggets of wisdom to help you work through wherever you maybe in your journey toward running a business. — Tulani