My Green Morning Routine

My Green Morning Routine

Hello Lovelies! A few of you have asked me about my morning routine wanting to know what certain things do for the body etc. I wanted to give you some insight here to the goodness I feed my body. I literally try to eat all of my food for a purpose. I eat foods that have a specific cleansing function for the body. The more natural - the better! I tend to go straight to the source with certain things. For example, there are some people who purchase turmeric honey tea bags. I just brew green leaf tea and put raw honey and organic turmeric powder into my tea myself! It's cheaper and healthier. 


Okay so the first thing I put into my body is room temperature water that I keep beside. I drink about 16 oz on an empty stomach every morning before I talk to anyone, or get out of bed. We can get more into the specifics on H20 goodness another time. 

After the water has settled in my tummy I eat a cleansing fruit. My every morning choice is GRAPEFRUIT - without sugar! I call them juicy fruits! I love them, they are packed with lots of water which hydrates your body to the max. Grapefruit has loads of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber which are all essential for optimum gut health.  This is my miracle fruit with detoxing cleansing properties that literally clean out your system. Fruit in general is a natural laxative when you consume on an empty stomach - ALONE.  

Next, I love indulging in my green tea. Green tea is detoxing as well. I am most definitely a tea drinker - no coffee. I always sprinkle turmeric in my tea - about one tablespoon. This is also a miracle worker. It's a virus killing root that has exceptional healing and cleansing benefits. I use raw or manuka honey from time to time as well.

In another hour or so, I'll make my green smoothie as my first "meal" before my work-out. Again, this part of my routine of putting raw natural food into my body to cleanse it from the day before. Here's what I pack in there:

Spinach: You always need a leafy green for smoothies - packed with fiber. 

Strawberries/ Blueberries: Antioxidant overload!

Cucumber/ Celery: Water packed veggies that are good for blood health. Essentially, I try to put as many green things in my smoothie as possible. I stay away from sugar filled fruits. These two are extremely healthy and they have a subtle taste that won't overpower your smoothie.

Ginger Root: Very similar to turmeric. Ginger is virus killing, and solves most things wrong with your body i.e.: nausea, pains/aches etc. I swear by it! :) 

Green apple: An apple a day keeps the Dr. away right? RIGHT! I go for green because well - it's just better. :)

Raw Almonds: I love almonds for the protein. 

Banana: I include a tiny bit simply for the texture. 

Next, I blend it all up in my nutribullet with a sugar-less liquid of choice (I use almond milk, or parsley water usually) and ENJOY!

Avocado Toast: This is my fave pre-lunch/late breakfast snack. I use one whole avocado on sprouted ezekiel bread most of the time. I sprinkle pink salt, cayenne pepper, and fresh garlic on top. This morning I was feeling fancy and added some red onion, tomato,  and smoked salmon! Drizzle all the goodness with some olive or grape seed oil and EAT UP! :)

This usually gets me to midday where I'll have a heavier meal with cooked foods. The key is to eat as raw as possible when breaking your fast in the mornings. Eating raw foods all day is always the goal, but you get the picture... :)

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