Plant Love in Oakland

Plant Love in Oakland

Thanks to everyone that hung out with me on June 4th as I navigated my way through a sunny Monday in The Bay! My skin needed the vitamin D, and my plants were happy as hell. That's all a plant mama can ask for, right? Check out the highlights of the day below, along with some tips and tricks for keeping those plant babies content.

Plant Love 101: A few simple and easy to follow tips on keeping your babies happy (and alive!).

  • Stay on Schedule - Keep your watering on a strict schedule to ensure healthy hydration. Mondays are my usual water days, which means I need to carve out 30-45min of my day dedicated to hydration. If I forget, I usually come home to wilted, yellowing leaves - a sure sign they're not happy with you. The general rule is once every two weeks, but it all depends on the moisture of the soil.
  • Get Dirty! - The only way to check if the soil is moist is actually to get your fingers in there to check. You never want to overwater because that causes root rot and can ultimately lead to your plant's demise. If you just got a mani and can't be bothered, get a soil moisture meter. 
  • Snip Away - If the moisture (or lack thereof) gets the best of your plants and they begin to yellow or brown, then it's time to let them loose. Cut as close to the healthy part of the stem as possible to prevent the decay from spreading to other parts of the plant. 


mandana blvd. - All the vintage items you saw in my story are from the curated collection on mandana blvd., my online vintage decor and home goods shop I run with my partner in love and crime, Nu Goteh. Pro tip: We usually post all the newest items to our Instagram page first. ;)

Felt Beret by Urban Outfitters - In the color beige, my go-to when my hair doesn't cooperate. 

Super Green Detox Face Mask by Pacifica - 100% vegan, this mask helps with "clogged pores and blemish prone skin types."

Raw Shea Butter Moisture Recovery Treatment Masque by Shea Moisture - For an extra boost, leave it on overnight.


E14 Gallery- A beautiful space owned by WOC, showcasing the talent of Oakland's POC. Take a POC Yoga class every Monday and Wednesday night from my good friend (and the best yoga instructor ever!) Minerva Arias of Roots Healing. 

Mariposa Baking Co. - Gluten-free goodness!

Looking Glass - Get anything your little photographer heart desires.


DJ Bembona - A fellow #AfroLatina and Dominicana serving up the best in Latin music. Her playlists will make you dance and be productive at the same damn time. 


Thanks again for hanging with me! If I forgot to mention something you were interested in, feel free to slide in my DM's on the gram. 'Till next time!

xx, cristina



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