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Everybody wants to be all 

inspirational and 

shit, but nobody 

wants to talk about how 

hard it is to 

quit your day job and build your dream.






You have an idea for a business but aren't sure where to start.

You have a side hustle and you want to quit your day-job

You’ve built a brand or following, but are struggling to monetize.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We birthed — and bootstrapped — a successful print publication in the digital age, and we created Office Hours to share our learnings with you.


Answers to your specific questions.

The Q&A format allows you to walk away with actionable information, specific to your area(s) of interest.

From people you can relate to.

Entrepreneurs who understand your struggles because they've had them too. 

In a language you can understand.

The information you need is out there but making sense of it all can still be daunting. 


Lift as we climb

Office Hours is not about experts or egos. We understand that there are people walking down the same path that we're on and we want to share the insights, information and tools that have lead us to success thus far.



I feel like even someone who is seasoned could benefit because I left with new information and things that I may not have even considered before meeting you. Sometimes I personally get stuck and look at things through tunnel vision, and this opened a new perspective with fresh eyes and voices. — Stephanie
From the moment Lindsey and Nkrumah greet you, you know you're in the presence of good people who want to honestly help you in mind, spirit and business. The intimacy of the discussion is a bonus and allows for honest conversation with tailored feedback and priceless nuggets of wisdom to help you work through wherever you maybe in your journey toward running a business. — Tulani

We invite you to an intimate sit-down with the founders of CRWN Magazine to discuss entrepreneurship and answer your business questions.


Stay informed.