A Convo with Denequa Williams of LIT Brooklyn

A Convo with Denequa Williams of LIT Brooklyn

Denequa Williams' hand-poured candles set the media ablaze as a celebrity favorite in 2017. Angie Martinez called LIT Brooklyn, “One of the best smelling candles... ever."  The candles come in two forms — a chic ebony jar and a portable metal tin can with a screw top to prevent spillage.  A box of matches that reads, “Keep it lit,” accompanies each product.

More than just your average consumer product, the brand conveys a powerful message: “My purpose is more than selling candles,” said Williams. “I want to use my platform as a reminder to be your best self.” You may know LIT Brooklyn and Denequa from a shoutout in our latest issue or remember her from theBOM pop-up shop. We sat down with the Brooklyn native to learn about her life as a small business owner:

As a young entrepreneur, there's a wide array of products and services that can be offered. Why did you choose candles as your product and how did the name LIT Brooklyn come to you?

I’ve always loved candles. It’s a part of my everyday life and to be honest it kind of just made sense for me to do this. As far as the name, candles always have to be LIT (pun intended)! Secondly I wanted to pay homage to the city that I’m so proud to be from. Brooklyn births LEGENDS!

What are the driving values of your business? What is the mission of LIT Brooklyn and how do your products fulfill that mission?

Driving values of my business are customer service, and quality. The mission of LIT Brooklyn is to provide luxury at an affordable price. My products fulfill that mission because customers are more than happy and that right there means that my job is done.


"My purpose is more than selling candles. I want to use my platform as a reminder to be your best self.”

LIT Brooklyn has become a community and celeb favorite over the past year and has accomplished so much. What moment are you most proud of and why?

I have so many proud moments. Maybe being invited to ROCNation offices by THE Lenny S. Everyone who knows me KNOWS my love runs deep for anything ROC related.  Also, being in a Budweiser commercial that aired this year internationally was a major accomplishment.

What advice would you give fellow small business owners?

Believe in GOD first, then believe in self. Do the work. Trust the process. Find a tribe of hard working people, and cherish them.


What was the intentional work behind positioning your business in the marketplace and setting yourself apart in your industry?

There was never a direct intention. I just knew that I wanted to put out a dope product that said luxury yet was affordable. I catered to my demographic, and pictured myself as my own consumer.



You've been a part of theBOM and you're constantly building with fellow Black women. What steps have you taken to build a powerful sister circle and community at large?

I’ve cultivated amazing relationships that will last for years to come because they are not based on what we do or who we are. The focus is elevation and how we can help one another level up and take over the world. Steps are just being true to yourself. Your tribe of women will find you. They always do.


What's the most played song on your playlist this year?

“Already Home” by  Jay-Z


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