7 Natural Hairstyles That Will Slay Summer '17

7 Natural Hairstyles That Will Slay Summer '17

There is plenty to look forward to as summer approaches: feel good weather, rooftop day parties, wearing a bathing suit or two, going to lit BBQ’s... After a cold winter (especially here in New York), we deserve to feel more relaxed and chill as it gets warmer out; and so does our hair! As the temp increases, we need hairstyles that will combat the heat, humidity and moisture from those post-rainy nights and the hot sun beaming on our foreheads. 

We have to keep the hair off the nape of our necks and protect our edges because ain’t nobody got time for that! This mini guide is full of inspo and tutorials for styles that you can do yourself! Twist it, pin it, roll it, tuck it, braid it, or wrap it. Here are 7 natural hairstyles that will slay your Summer 17’.

Bangin' Bantu Knots

Twisting your roots using this tried and true technique is a gorgeous practice for hair protection and keeps your hair on fleek from that summer heat🔥. Peep these looks: 💁🏾

Here's a link to an easy tutorial: How to |  Bantu Knots with Extensions (Natural Hair)

Super Jumbo Box Braids or Twists

If you want a long-lasting style without the weight of box braids, these jumbo box braids are a go-to. Cute, quick, and easy to do!

Here are a couple of links to some detailed tutorials: Jumbo Box Braid Tutorial | Dedicated2TishHavana Twists

Spicy Space Buns or Double Puffs

Giving off Scary Spice vibes, these double space buns are an adorable way to pull your hair up. You’ll be cute and cool all summer long! I know it's a look I'll definitely try.

Here's a link from our Issue 1 cover girl, Naptural85: Perky Space Buns | Natural Hairstyle

The Funky Faux Hawk

For that edgy, fun and cool look, pin your hair up into a faux hawk. 

Get the deets here: How To Faux Hawk Updo Tutorial on Short Natural Hair

The Perfect Pineapple Puff

The signature puff may not be revolutionary, but it is a classic natural hairstyle. Plus, you can show off how poppin' those kinks and curls are. ➿

Here's an easy tutorial for you to try: How to: My Sleek High Puff

Head Wrap Scarves

We all have those days where we don’t want anyone to see our hair. That’s nothing a printed scarf won’t fix. So fly!

Wrap ya life from these tutorials: 
4 Quick & EASY Headwrap/Turban Styles (Short Hair & TWA Friendly)12 Head Wrap Scarf Tutorials In Under 7 Minutes

Bomb Braided Updo

You can’t go wrong with a fresh, braided, cornrow updo. So versatile and long lasting! I'm sure you can check your local Black hair salon for a lady to style some cornrows for you. Check out these looks!

Here are a couple of easy braided up tutorials: Natural Hair| Braided Updo short/medium Length

Get ready to slay summer 2017 ladies!

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