theBOM Presents: Black Alternatives to Commercial Brands

theBOM Presents: Black Alternatives to Commercial Brands

Whether we’re scrolling through our timelines, watching TV or flipping through a magazine; we’re constantly inundated with brands that aren’t exactly made with our melanin in mind. Most Black-owned brands, even if they possess equal — if not better — quality than their mainstream competitors; lack the commercial viability. Simply put: they aren’t in our faces all day every day.

Well...we’re here to give these brands the shoutouts they deserve — by providing you with a list of dope Black products you can buy in place of commercial brands. Next time you make a purchase, ask yourself: Is there a Black version for that? More often than not, there is!



1. Nubian Skin vs. Victoria Secret

Nubian Skin is a lingerie line founded by Ade Hassan out of the sheer frustration of never being able to find the right shade of nude for her brown skin. In addition to nude lingerie, you’ll find hosiery, nude pumps and nighties in all shades of brown — from Cafe Au Lait to Caramel, Cinnamon and Berry! Victoria Secret, what?



2. Panty Prop vs. THINX

Aunt Flo' in town? Feel secure with Panty Prop and say goodbye to the days of sanitary pads/tampons and hello to the period panty! Founder Crystal Etienne wanted to provide women the freedom from leakage scares with this innovative solution to the inevitable flow. THINX about that!



3. eLo Lipcare vs. Chapstick

When using Chapstick, ever wonder why you have to keep re-applying what seems like every 5 minutes?! That’s because Chapstick and many of our favorite lip balms use ingredients meant to keep our lips dry. We’d like to introduce you to eLo Lipcare, a luxurious lip line made without the use of chemicals and machinery. These lip balms are made in small batches, infused with essentials oils, and smell of fresh fruits and flowers. Say no more, we’re sold!



4. Gold Label Cosmetics vs. Maybelline

Maybe it’s Maybelline, but we think it should be Gold Label. This brand is for the beauty enthusiasts who seeks an opulent and convenient lifestyle. With a variety of beautiful colors to choose from, Gold Label gives your lips that pop of pigment for a night on the town or a day at the office.  



5. Bolden vs. Neutrogena

Bolden was made by Black women for Black women with the hope to help us embrace our natural beauty. The cleanser, toner, and shea oil are your one stop shop to your next glow-up!



6. Lauren Napier vs. Any Makeup Wipes

Lauren Napier’s luxury cleansing wipes are perfect for the world traveler, fitness enthusiast; or for freshening up or removing makeup before bed. Use these wipes keep your skin fresh from impurities. We don’t know about y’all but we’re def adding this to our beauty regimen. 



7. ONYX vs. Birchbox

ONYX is a space for Black women to discover and explore their beauty and the products that work best for us. With this subscription box, you’ll learn how to manage your beauty and get a regular dose of Black Girl Magic inspiration while you’re at it. ONYX is another way to help you stay on top of the latest trending beauty products for Black women. Get your subscription asap! Don’t tell anybody, but if you use the promo code BOMONYX you’ll get two boxes for the price of one!



8. Vivrant Beauty vs. Sephora

Vivrant Beauty has been coined the Sephora for Black women. This beauty boutique is based in Harlem, NY and their shelves are stocked with dozens of beauty goods from major and independent product lines. If you’re not in the NYC area, no worries! You can still take advantage of their online shop and get deliveries to your doorstep!

We hope we put you on to some new Black brands to support and make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Didn’t see your fave? Comment & share your favorite Black product dupes in the comments below!

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