10 Black Photographers Who Will Bless Your Eyes

10 Black Photographers Who Will Bless Your Eyes

1. The Man Who Loved Flowers

His photos are just as striking as his name. Brandon Stanciell, also known as The Man Who Loved Flowers on Instagram, is defying the male gaze that has hyper-sexualized Black women. He brings us back to the flowers, the femininity. At the same time, he reshapes our understanding of  black masculinity with his male portraits. If you love flowers, retro, and challenging black narratives--Brandon is your guy.

2. Exquisite Eye

Where editorial photography and black women gracefully collide. Bree does more than take portraits--she has a way of capturing the subtle, natural beauty of black women. Bantu knots lookin’ right, check. Lookin lit when we eat pizza, check. Killing the game and paving the path for the future of black photographers with her features in Girl Gaze and Vogue, triple check.

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 3. A Kid Named Trav

If you bought the first issue of CRWN, A Kid Named Trav is already a familiar name to you. If you want to take a quick trip through time, he’s the man to go to. Trav’s Instagram is visual portal from the 70s all the way to the present. His page has a way of screaming, “I love Black women.” The way our afros are up close and in your face. The way melanin drips in his portraits. The way you see our 90s swag. Just check his page now.

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4. Island Boi Photography

Joey Rosado is a NYC based photographer. His studio portraits has a way of capturing our glow--literally. If you want to know where  cocoa really comes from, you need to go to this man’s page.  What you have to love about Joey’s work is how he brings us to our roots. Not only does he stunningly capture the essence of the head wrap, but he also captures the raw beauty of us. You have to appreciate that many of his models aren’t buried in makeup. We have the chance to behold black women in our natural states.

5. Dapper Lou

Dapper Lou has earned the title creative director. He has the talent of turning a background into a canvas. His Instagram is marked by bold patterns and colors that take your mind on a visual rollercoaster. And trust, you can never get bored looking at his pictures because they are distinctive from one another. Every photo is a different idea, even if they do look similar. It shows us the potential of what mind can see and capture.

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6. Teff Theory

She doesn’t take selfies, she takes self-portraits--there’s a difference. Teff doesn’t give us a cute-commercial smile, she gives us art. Teff, a South African photographer, uses color to brilliantly show us her artistic narrative--who she is and where she comes from. She is setting the discipline of portraits high.

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7. Christina Nwabugo

Christina is bringing us back to the soulfulness of the 70s (think Saint Heron). She is bringing us afros and sisterhood. What I’m sure many people love about her work is her ability to bring the black woman’s grace and charm to the forefront.

Your fave !

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8. Brittani Sensabaugh

Brittani is a photographer based in Oakland. What makes her page relevant and unique is her ability to capture black life. She isn’t taking photos of your favorite blogger--she is taking photos of the people that we have forgotten about--the black children and black women. We commend her work because she reminds us of the beauty of black innocence. She is capturing the culture, the real and the raw, and we are grateful she is doing this great work.

9. The Black Pepper

Under her head scarves and over-sized hats lies La’ llah’s complex-creative mind. A photographer and digital artist, La’ lllah’s work is filled with eye-catching abstract collages.  Sure, she’s a minimalist, but you won’t find anyone like her on the internet.

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10. Street Etiquette

The Street Etiquette  were the classic men before Jidenna (we love you Jidenna!). What started as in Instagram page is now a creative agency. Street Etiquette makes this list because they elevated street and studio photography.


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